Traditional and Modern 10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional 10th anniversary gift is represented by tin or aluminum, the modern gift is diamond jewelry and the gemstone is a diamond. The flower is daffodil, which means You're the only one, the sun is always shining when I'm with you. Use the daffodil's meaning to create a sunny, bright anniversary celebration.

10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

10th Anniversary DIY Ideas

  • A no-brainer: wrap your 10th anniversary gift in aluminum foil, then cover the aluminum wrap with a sheet of colored cellophane and add a ribbon or bow.
  • Browse antique shops, craft, thrift & country stores, or flea markets for unique tin and aluminum boxes, wall signs and home decor items for a unique 10th anniversary gift.
  • Many Mexican crafts are created with tin, including ornaments. Use a tin ornament to decorate your gift-wrapped box, or include one with another present.
  • Find a retro / vintage tin or aluminum keepsake box with an image or theme that has special meaning for your husband or wife. Fill the box with 10 love letters. In each letter, write about a memory from each year or what you especially appreciate about your husband or wife. The tenth letter can be about your future dreams together.
  • Print on decorative paper or use one of our free, printable love letter backgrounds. Fold the letters into a heart shape and write the year of each letter in silver on the outside or paste silver heart stickers on the outside. Here are instructions for a simple origami heart fold.
  • Planning a romantic evening together? Buy aluminum candleholders or place a gorgeous bouquet in an aluminum or tin flower vase. A quickie DIY is to spray paint empty soda or beer cans totally alulminu, maybe glue on a little glitter, add a ribbon and insert few wildflowers or single blooms. Arrange with candles to create a lovely table centerpiece.
  • Buy enough fake "diamonds" at a local craft store to nearly fill a tin box. Nestle your love letters or notes among the diamonds.

Romantic Anniversary Gifts

Top Ten Anniversary Lists

The 10th anniversary is perfect for a "top ten" list. Create a romantic evening together with that as a theme. Write a "Top 10" list and engrave it on a personalized gift. Or write each one on a different slip of paper and place them in a tin or aluminum box. Some list ideas:

  • 10 best qualities you love about your spouse
  • 10 reasons why you love being married to your wife or husband
  • 10 reasons why you love your husband or wife
  • 10 activities you enjoy doing together.
  • 10 dreams to share for the future
  • 10 things that you especially appreciate about your wife or husband
Planning A 10th Anniversary Party?

Since the 25th anniversary is silver and so is aluminum, shop for: