50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

50th anniversary gold rose
24K Gold-Dipped Roses

A 50th anniversary gift commemorates a milestone most married couples wish to reach. What can you possibly give a couple after 50 years of marriage? The most meaningful golden wedding anniversary gift ideas are those from the heart: to express your love and appreciation about all that they mean to you, how their staying married through the thick and thin of life has influenced you, to tell about the loving memories you shared throughout the years.

The 50th wedding anniversary (Golden Anniversary) is commemorated traditionally and modern by a gold theme gift. The flower is a violet, which has the meaning: Let's take a chance, knots, and modesty. A gift doesn't have to be gold. Gold wrapping paper or paper decorated with violets and a gold ribbon will honor the 50th.

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

50th Anniversary Gifts for Your Spouse

50th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

The best 50th anniversary wedding gifts are the ones that helps your parents or the couple to enjoy life more. Most couples at 50 years of (hopefully) wedded bliss don't even want gifts, so give a gift of your time and help. Make up "Gift of Time" or "Labor of Love" coupons to take them out to their favorite restaurant, make them a home-cooked meal, chauffeur them on a shopping trip, run errands for them, take them to a show or movie, have a local landscaping company take care of their property, pay for a home renovation (or do one), lease a car for them. Find out what will help them, and figure out a way to do this that makes them feel great about what you're doing for them.

Do they volunteer or have a favorite charity? Contribute to their favorite organization. Find out if a plaque or some other special mention can be made in their name. Hold your own charity auction to raise money for their favorite charity.

Your love and attention will be the most appreciated 50th anniversary gift
you can give your parents. Make time for those you love!

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