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  • James and Kimberly Robison (5th Anniversary)
  • My husband lit candles all over the house. When I returned from the grocery store, James had left a trail of notes for me to pick up before I reached the kitchen (where the first note told me I would end up). Each note had some moment in our relationship from the time we met to now that was special to him and why. One note read "The look on your face when I proposed...because in that moment I knew we would spend a lifetime together." Finally, I reached the kitchen where dinner was prepared courtesy of the local Italian restaurant served with the first wine he ordered for me...soda on the side because I didn't like the wine the first time.
  • Christine and Mario (Celebrate Anniversary Days)
  • When we knew each other 500 days, I arranged a short break. First we went to a romantic hotel with our very own patio and a private jacuzzi. Of course a bottle of champagne was chilled and ready to drink. Later we had a lovely diner and walked to the hotel under the starlight where we retired to the jacuzzi. In the vicinity to the hotel is a beautiful nature park with lakes and canals. So the next day we rented a small electric boat to cruise the lakes. Even though it was October, it was a lovely day with the sun shining and still quite warm. We had a picnic in the middle of a little island. Everything was deserted so we felt we were the only persons left on earth. Next month (when we know each other for 888 days) we go to Venice, Italy. The regular anniversaries (1 year, 2 years etc) we don't celebrate. I think it is much nicer to celebrate the weird ones, like 888 days. Especially as it is always a big surprise for Mario because he can't do the math to calculate these dates. Cheers, Christine.
  • Names Not Submitted (Married 8 Years)
  • We have made it a habit since our first anniversary to take that money that we would of spent on ourselves - to celebrate our union - to rather use it to help enrich the lives of others. Thus, we select a new charity every year together, and we donate the money to them - so that the strength of our union can help those around us.
  • Jill and John (25th Anniversary)
  • Our 25th anniversary happened while we were far from home, in Australia. For the first time in a year, we had the whole family together - the daughter who was studying in Australia and the son who had just been away from home for his first year of university in Canada. The four of us had room service and watched TV in a Holiday Inn as we travelled Australia. It wasn't glamourous, but everything important to us was there in that room. I would trade the world for those children and that special man.

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  • Richard and Joyce W. (1st Anniversary)
  • My first-year anniversary was one I'll never forget. It was not the first marriage for both of us, however, it will always be the most memorable. I planned this anniversary especially for my husband. He had to work that day and I didn't. He loves music; so do I. I love flowers and candles. He loves steak. I prepared a steak dinner for him. I decorated the house with close to 100 candles, which he loves also. I put a CD in with al of our favorite songs, and when he got home, the house was only lit with the candles, the music was on and the dinner was on a table decorated with a tablecloth full of hearts.
  • I'll never forget that anniversary. We were never interrupted, and his eyes lit up like the sky. It was extremely romantic. He had also brought home a dozen roses and a box of candy for me. My gift to him was that I had recorded some of his own music and had it put on a CD. The rest of the night is sort of personal, but we will both never forget that night.
  • Phil and Theresa (10th Anniversary)
  • My husband and I always forget our anniversary—BOTH of us! We just don't need dates to remember we love each other, I guess. We usually think about it because an anniversary card comes in the mail from one of our mothers! We were finally able to afford to buy a house and we signed for the house on our 10th wedding anniversary. We didn't do it on purpose, that was the date the notary gave us for the signing. Crazily enough, we remember the house signing date—because it means one year less on the mortgage! Not very romantic, but humorous no doubt!
  • Chris and ? (5th Anniversary)
  • Chris and I recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. A lot has changed in our lives over the past five years—a move to a different town, a new house, new jobs and we've been blessed with two children. On the eve of our anniversary, we grilled out on our deck and had a few drinks. After dinner we read cards that our wedding guests filled out giving predictions to our life together on our 5th anniversary. Some were hilarious. Some were pretty accurate. It was so much fun to read them and laugh together. I'm glad we had our guests fill them out and am so glad that we saved them and read them 5 years later! The day of our anniversary we had a big party. We invited everyone that came to our wedding over for a "summer fun" potluck/BYOB gathering at our country house. We had games and wagon rides for the kids and a bonfire at night. It was wonderful to see everyone and share a beautiful summer day with them all—5 years later.
  • Dhalia and Llama (4th Anniversary)
  • As a surprise, I changed the screensaver on our laptops into a slideshow of photos of our most memorable moments, accompanied by the song that played during our wedding so that both of us can each have a reminder of how we got to this point.
  • Jayson and ? (5th Anniversary)
  • On March 25, 2005, Jayson and I had been married five years when we traveled to London to celebrate our anniversary. We traveled overnight to arrive in London the morning of our anniversary. Once we'd arrived, we were met at Victoria Station by my brother-in-law who happened to be in the city at the same time. Our day included a visit to the London Eye where we saw Parliment, Big Ben, and much of the London sights at sunset followed by a romantic dinner cruise down the River Thames. The dinner cruise was too fabulous!! We had been seated in the front of the boat nearest to the full glass window-front. We were able to get grand views of all the sights, including the Tower Bridge.
  • The cruise had noted that it was our anniversary and we were not only announced at the end of the evening, but also presented with a fun sparkler display as the four-piece band played a romantic song. The funniest part of the night was when we were announced as "The American Couple who came all the way from Alabama".
  • Tracy and Bob (11th Anniversary)
  • Our rehearsal dinner was held at a Japanese cook-before-your-eyes restaurant. So for our anniversary, we try to go to the same type of restaurant for dinner. It's usually quite a party atmosphere because our anniversary is on New Year's Eve!
  • Claire and John (Married 7 Years)
  • Since John and I met on a camping trip with mutual friends, we make a point of celebrating our anniversary by going camping for one special weekend each fall. We actually go before our anniversary, which falls around Thanksgiving, while the weather is still warm enough. We both love the outdoors so this is the perfect way for us to celebrate our love each passing year. It's also a great way to escape our hectic schedules, reconnect and enjoy the beauty of nature and the simplicity of the outdoors.
  • We make it romantic by preparing a gourmet dinner which we eat by candlelight under the stars with a bottle of fine wine. Usually we get one gift we'll both enjoy for our anniversary, and last year it was a new three-room tent!
  • Stephanie and Nathan (5th Anniversary)
  • My husband and I went on a hot air balloon ride for our fifth anniversary. It was cold, but the fall colors were beautiful over the Minnesota River valley. And because it was cold, and we were both a little scared, we held each other extra close. We shared wine and chocolate, just like at our wedding, and it was amazingly quiet and peaceful. A day I'll never forget!
  • Lena and Zeke Norphy (5th Anniversary)
  • We had a baby a month before our 5th anniversary, and hadn't spent any time together alone. Even though I was nervous, my mother-in-law agreed to babysit while we went and splurged on an amazing seafood brunch. Sitting by the bay my husband told me how beautiful motherhood made me. We spent the rest of the day walking on the beach.

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