Anniversary Celebration Stories 3

When I received Ivan's story, I cried my heart out for his loss. Always cherish your love!

Iván Razquin & Beloved Wife

(Every Anniversary)

I'm married 5 1/2 years ago. Every year I make the same celebration: I go to cemetery to visit my wife's grave. We had a car accident just 3 months after wedding, and she died in accident. Since that day I feel lonely. Thus every day I go to cemetery to talk with her. And the day of our anniversary I go to cemetery to be a bit happy with her: I talk with her, we smile about our memories, and finally I cry because I'm not with her. I know that this is not the kind of history that you want, but is my history. Yours faithfully.

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  • Daniel and Melissa (5th Anniversary)
  • My name is Daniel, and for the 5-year wedding anniversary last winter with my wife Melissa, I arranged for a surprise. We were to get in a limousine to drive us into the city of Philadelphia, have a romantic dinner, stay at a nice hotel and then visit all of the historical sights in the city. Never being one to manage to keep a secret, Melissa knew I had a surprise planned. Unfortunately, she fell ill a few days prior to our anniversary, and I had to cancel everything. She felt just terrible, but I told her we could have a perfectly wonderful anniversary at home. So we ordered take-out Italian, ate it in our pajamas and spent the evening together talking about the past five years. What a great time it turned out to be. It was better than anything I could have planned!
  • Chris and Bobbie (30th Anniversary)
  • Chris and Bobbie were married in 1976, so this is a milestone anniversary, #30. Because we have 2 kids in college, we knew that we couldn't spend much (like any!) money on this. So, what we decided to do is to do things that would get us in touch with each other again. We spent a night at the hotel that we spent our wedding night. We're doing a bunch of things that we don't normally do, go out to a nice dinner, go on a river dance cruise, a lot of inexpensive things. But, spending time together and getting closer. I think this is one of our best anniversaries ever, because we're focusing on each other rather than events or presents.
  • Shannon and Justin (5th Anniversary)
  • For our five year wedding anniversary, we booked the honeymoon cabin at a State Park—the very same cabin we celebrated our honeymoon at. Since we married in December, the weather was cold and we lit fires every night and enjoyed the outdoor (covered) hot tub, and it felt like we were newlyweds again. We celebrate our 8th anniversary, December 2006!
  • Phil and Theresa (10th Anniversary)
  • My husband and I always forget our anniversary—BOTH of us! We just don't need dates to remember we love each other, I guess. We usually think about it because an anniversary card comes in the mail from one of our mothers! We were finally able to afford to buy a house and we signed for the house on our 10th wedding anniversary. We didn't do it on purpose, that was the date the notary gave us for the signing. Crazily enough, we remember the house signing date—because it means one year less on the mortgage! Not very romantic, but humorous no doubt!
  • Becca and Aiden (Married 7 Years)
  • My name is Becca and I've married to my husband, Aiden for seven years. I've constantly hassled Aiden for a few years, because he has always had a nasty habit of forgetting our anniversary. Birthdays, special occasions, etc., he's always been fine with, but for some reason our wedding anniversary has always slipped his mind. So last year he pulled a complete 180. He showed up at the office I work at. He was flustered and clearly upset and told me there was a family emergency, and that I needed to leave work right away. My boss was there, and she was completely understanding and told me to go. As soon as we left the building, Aiden kissed me and handed me a bouqet of flowers. It was obvious now that there was NO emergency, and that he had just pretended so that he could whisk me out of work for a romantic dinner and a cruise around the bay. It was amazing!
  • Bob and Terry (1st Anniversary)
  • My husband and I recently celebrated our first anniversary! We did not give gifts that we bought in advance instead we spent the whole day together going to yard sales and thrift stores and we bought each other small gifts. Afterwards we went out and had a nice dinner! It was really great!
  • Henry and Matilda (2nd Anniversary)
  • Our story: Henry and I met in May 2004. Two weeks later we were engaged. We were going to get married in another year when I had finished college, but he faced a huge deployment and I decided we should just go for it one day. So two months to the day after getting engaged, we got married on a spur of the moment decision at the courthouse. As we were extremely poor and had no planning, we had McDonalds for our reception and no honeymoon. Henry was shipping out the next day for a month, so we decided we would try again later for that trip. Two years later, he was finally in port for a while, so we decided to go to Disney World. It felt so good to finally be able to walk as a couple and know that we were married at the place we always wanted to go to. As he is facing leaving me for the next three years in a few months, we are planning to go back in December, this time for a whole week. We had so much fun as a couple, we are trying it again, and this time we are going to get that matching bride and groom mouse ears to wear.
  • Names Not Submitted (10th Anniversary)
  • Hubby and I don't often celebrate our anniversary, but when the 10th came, we decided it deserved a little special attention. We dropped the kids at their grandparents and headed down to Calloway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia for a nice long relaxing weekend. That is exactly what we did - relaxed. It was amazing how not being in a hurry, how only having to dress for oneself, how taking your time and picking out what to do and see based on adult only choices really gave us time to appreciate our 10 years together. We talked, rode bikes, danced into the morning hours and reconnected in other private areas. Sometimes, all it takes to remember WHY you married someone so special is to sit back and experience the "nothing" times with that person again.
  • Gary and Kym (5th Anniversary)
  • This was our 5th anniversary. She looked SO beautiful on the morning of our anniversary day. She had a certain glow that I've never seen before. She lay sleeping in bed while I looked at her humble face. I HAD to do something nice for her. I went outside and pulled off the dearest flowers I've been planting for the last 5 years since we moved into our house. My wife knew these flowers were special to me, but I HAD to use these flowers to litter the flower pedals on the floor so she would be graced by them. I made breakfast for her, and asked her to come out to eat. She walked out the door looked at the ground and I could see tears from her eyes knowing I used my beloved flowers to flourish her presence. We both sat down for breakfast but didn't eat a bite. We just stared into each others eyes and I held her in my arms. I will never forget that day! I love her so much.
  • Paul de Vries and Maria Augusta Cardoso Mateus (1st Anniversary)
  • Ten years ago, me and my wife married in Obidos, an old town in Portugal with a castle complete intact, including the walls around the town. This small town/village had three churges and is very romantical. The story is that a former king of Portugal built Obidos for his mistress. So, we wed in the church of Santa Maria, our children were baptised there and every year on our wedding day, we go back to Obidos!

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