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  • Chris and Courtney (10th Anniversary)
  • We decided that we would renew our wedding vows on our 10th anniversary. We went to a river park where we had our first kiss and at sunset we exchanged vows on the top of the bluff. At the end of the ceremony I told Chris that after 5 years of trying we are pregnant with our 1st child.
  • Beth and Chris (Every Anniversary)
  • My husband and I just celebrated our sixth anniversary. To celebrate we spend a long weekend, somewhere that's within half a days driving distance, and do all of the things we used to do back when we were dating. We go out to eat or picnic, do some leisurely sightseeing, catch some cultural events and just enjoy spending time together. No TV watching, but long walks instead. It's a great way to catch up with each other and rediscover how much fun we have together. If only we could do this more often!
  • William and Christina (5th Anniversary)
  • Well me and my wife recently celebrated our 5th year anniversary. To make things special this year, I made my wife think I had forgotten. She kept asking what was comming up in October? I kept saying Halloween—she was getting quite aggravated the closer we came to our anniversery. It was really hard to play this joke on her due to her becoming really sad. The day of our Anniversary came, and I had to go to work, that's at least what Christina my wife thought.
  • So whilest I was out, I setup a small picnic in the park where I first proposed to her. I drove home quickly and told her that we were going to the movies cause I got off work early. I drove in the direction of the movie theaters, and pulled in the park quickly as we passed at, asked her if she wanted to take a walk, and she agreed. We came to the spot. And I told her I loved her and I hadn't forgotten what I had done in the exact same spot 5 years prior. The beauty of romance!
  • Tim and LJ (3rd Anniversary)
  • I was surprised when my husband actually remembered our third anniversary. He never was one much for celebrations. He surprised me by bringing home Chinese, lighting candles and giving me an elaborate backrub that, of course, led to other things. He wrote me love notes for an entire week afterward as well. It was something I wish he did every year, but it was that third anniversary that was really special. Married: 5 years.
  • Cody and Michelle (10th Anniversary)
  • Originally, they were married in Las Vegas just before Cody left to join the Army. After 10 years of marriage I flew them down there for a chance to renew their vows. The trip was spectacular and the ceremony was held in the Venetian on a bridge over the canals inside the hotel. I can still remember the tears! It was wonderful.
  • Chris and Stefanie (Every Anniversary)
  • Every year we celebrate our anniversary by going to a Wildlife Zoo (Exotic Resort Zoo in Johnson City, TX) in a town nearby to us. We love adventure, and the first year we did this it seemed like a fun and different thing to do instead of the usual bed and breakfast in a small town. We ended up finding a zoo that had cabins, including a hot tub and a huge fire pit, and also have tours going through the zoo where you can pet, feed, and see all of the different EXOTIC animals that they have like buffalo, llamas, zebra, and kangaroos! We had so much fun the first time, and have every year since gone and celebrated by going to the cabins, spending time in the hot tub with champagne, making smores by the fire, spending time with the animals at the zoo! We have been together for 3 years, and can't wait to go again this year!
  • Richard and Jilly (1st Anniversary)
  • In order to instill into the head of her new son-in-law, Richard, the idea of regular and appropriate wedding anniversary gifts my mother had embroidered a panel depicting two turtle doves surrounding our names: Richard and Jilly, and a list of the traditional annual gifts. This panel has duly hung on the bedroom wall of every home Richard and I have owned since we married. Being not only a dutiful son-in-law but, a fun-loving, kind and affectionate man, for our first wedding anniversary he booked us in to an origami course for the day. I still have the little paper shapes of birds and boats and figures that we made together, giggling all the while. He was the only man in the course, so he has the heart of a lion too.
  • Cindy and Randy (15th Anniversary)
  • For our 15th anniversary (which is in March), I wrapped a package with little clues and gave it to my husband as part of his Christmas present. He opened up the box and pulled out a seashell, a flower, a paper airplane, a shell necklace, and a little paper suitcase. He was stumped! Then I told him that I was taking him to the South Pacific room in Anniversary Inn, since we couldn't afford a trip to the real South Pacific. We had a wonderful time!

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  • Jason and Sandy (1st Anniversary)
  • It's our 1st anniversary, but actually the "honeymoon trip" when you consider we didn't have one. Nevertheless, we decided to go to Hawaii for a 10 day, 9 night getaway. The flight over was 6 hours, but at least it was at night so we could sleep. We stayed in a spiffy hotel with a kitchenette so we could make our own meals and save $$$. The weather was wonderful; not too hot and it rained every afternoon. Some of the sites we got to see were: Waikiki beaches, the marketplace, BYU Hawaii, The Cultural Center, the LDS Temple, Pearl Harbor, Hanama Bay, and a Luau celebration.
  • We walked around all over town at night and enjoyed the strret life. There were street performers all along the main strip. We even got a portrait made by a man from China and have it framed and hanging on our living room wall. Even though we couldn't afford the honeymoon, what we experienced was definitely worth the wait and we are currently saving for our next vacation. Maybe we will try a trip to the Caribbean this time. Wish us LUCK!!!
  • Henry and Matilda (4th Anniversary)
  • We live in South Alabama and took a short trip to New Orleans for our 4th wedding anniversary in March 2005. New Orleans is so close to us (2-3 hours away) that it was easy to take it for granted and not visit as often as we might. When my husband and I went in March 05 it was the first time either of us had been in New Orleans for more than 5 years. It was a lovely fun weekend that we had there, but what made it really meaningful is that just a few months later Hurricane Katrina hit and changed New Orleans forever. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to experience it, and each other of course.
  • Names Not Submitted (5th Anniversary)
  • Hi, We've been married ten years now, but for our 5th, I did something special. We were just starting to get on our feet financially. We bought a house and a new car. My wife quit work as she and I both wanted her to be a full time stay at home mom. She was six months pregnant. Without telling her anything, I had put a diamond anniversary ring on lay-away at a prominent jeweler almost a year prior to our anniversary. The ring was VERY expensive, and with all these new bills coming in, the monthly payments were literally breaking my back. But I wanted it paid for in full and not on credit. So we suffered. We had a lean Christmas. When she wanted to go shopping, I would tell her we couldn't afford it. We did almost no shopping for the baby. We ate a lot of pasta and rice and less meat. We never went out anymore.
  • About two weeks prior, I took her wedding band and engagement ring to the jeweler to have them cleaned, polished, and re-sized, as she had gained some weight with the baby and she said she couldn't wear them anymore. I told her they would be back in three days, then I kept making excuses to her about why they weren't ready or why I hadn't picked them up yet. She was really uncomfortable without them, and she wanted them back NOW, so it was hard to keep her in the dark about what was going on. The day of our anniversary, I got off early from work, secretly went and got all three rings, went home, and told her to pack her bags for a night. She wanted to know why and where we were going, but I just kept telling her nevermind, to just pack. I drove her up into the mountains to a nice casino-resort and checked us in. We went downstairs for dinner. After our drinks arrived, I said "Oh yeah, I went and picked up your rings today." and handed her the case. She got excited and opened up the case. Her jaw went slack when she saw the second, much larger diamond staring her in the face next to her wedding set.
  • I thought she was going to deliver the baby right there! I told her what had been going on for the previous year or so, and that this was why we had been broke, then apologized for deceiving her. She cried the whole time. There isn't a time goes by that she doesn't miss the opportunity to tell someone about how I suprised her. I am positive I could have gotten a much smaller and inexpensive ring for her, and she would have been just as happy with it. (She is a very easy to please woman.) However, she deserved it then, and she does now. She is the perfect wife in most ways. So I killed myself financially to buy her the biggest diamond I could afford to let her know how much I appreciate her and need her in my life. We had a great night of dinner, gambling, and being together before we went home late the next morning.
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