Share Your Anniversary Celebration Stories

You'll find inspiring romantic anniversary celebration ideas from these true stories submitted by readers. We can't wait to hear about your celebration! Do you celebrate a special way every year? Did you take a second honeymoon or renew your vows? Did you overcome some difficulty? Or did you simply realize how much you love and appreciate each other? Inspire others with your favorite celebration story.

Everyone's always looking for new anniversary celebration and gift ideas. What gift did you give that wowed your spouse, parents or friends? Was it a surprise? How did you present it? What was the reaction? Did you throw an incredible anniversary party? What was your theme? Share your celebration details! Submit your anniversary celebration story and let everyone know how happy you are together!

Anniversary Celebration Stories

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  • Jen and Jim (Married 13 Years)
  • My husband and I go to the same restaurant every year on our anniversary and sit in the same table. It's the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner. And each year we reminisce...take a look back at the years we've been together. We remember the year I was 8 months pregnant and we talked about what we would name the baby. He came with a list of 3 boys and girls names and so did I. We compared lists and made our decision.
  • Then there was the year when my father in law died. He died less than a month before our anniversary, and we mostly talked about him, crying, and comforting each other in our grief. Then there was the year we were planning a family trip to Disney World. We brought all the brochures along and decided where we would stay and when we would go. It was so much fun, and gave us something to look forward to. This was our 10th anniversary, and we took a second honeymoon. One thing we say every anniversary, "I love you more every year."
  • Brent and Danielle Meaux (Married 9 Years)
  • In April of 1995, my husband and I went camping on my birthday with my parents and a bunch of friends. He then asked my dad if he could have me for a wife, and then got down on one knee and proposed. It was romantic by the lake and campfire even though we had about 15 people there. I am glad he asked me then, because my brother had just passed away in January and my father passed away the July after he proposed. My father also saw my wedding dress before he passed away. I have been with my husband for 13 years and married for 9.
  • Everyone needs to know not to take their loved ones for granted, you just never know what tomorrow will bring. Good luck to all the married couples!
  • Ron and Lisa
  • Probably one of the most memorable and strange anniversary gifts I ever gave my spouse was a case of 50w oil for the Harley Davidson. Everytime he went to do an oil change no one ever seemed to have his oil in stock. Definitely not romantic; but, he certainly was happy and set for oil changes for a couple of years. This seemed especially important since we liked to rent a cottage for a long weekend in the fall to celebrate our anniversary. Leaves changing colours, riding in the crisp fall air and no kids!!!!!! Sometimes the simplest things in life are the greatest.
  • Steph and Stephanie (1st Anniversary)
  • Our first anniversary was the most special. Steph had just gotten out of the hospital from major surgery, and she wasn't well enough to go out to dinner yet, so some friends cooked us a wonderful Italian dinner and delivered it to us that evening. After dinner, we went out on the patio and recreated our first kiss under the stars.

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  • Chris and Janet Bregenzer (Married 4 Years)
  • I first met Janet because her 16-year-old daughter introduced us, who never before had a father. She introduced us because she was good friends with my oldest son. Janet didn't even want to meet a man at that time, but she had made a wonderfully delicious roast dinner. I didn't find out until later that her original plan was to feed me, make her daughter happy, and get rid of me. But something happened that night.
  • We talked, eventually held hands, and I found out that she had the same values and beliefs that I had. We dated for a year, and now have been married four years. I couldn't imagine her not being a part of my life, so I will never let her go. And if I do, I'm the biggest fool on the planet Earth.
  • Stephanie and Curt (25th Anniversary)
  • I took Steph out for a drive after Church on the Sunday before our anniversary. As we were driving, she noticed that we were passing signs with numbers on them. When we passed 4, our daughter was standing there, at 6 our son waved at her. Sign 16 was in front of the house we moved into that year and at sign 23, our son-in-law was standing there. Sign 25 was next to a limo. We got out, parked the car and got into the limo. That took us to the airport and to our 7 day cruise in the Carribbean. Thank goodness for daughters who can pack for their Moms! We had an awesome time!
  • Katie and Mike (1st Anniversary)
  • We have only been married for a year. We went back to the place where we spent our wedding night. That night we were too excited to really enjoy it, but on our anniversary we were in the right frame of mind. It was right on the beach and had a big jacuzzi tub. I think we will do something like that every year!!
  • Laura and Andy M-H (1st Anniversary)
  • I know that the 1st year isn't all that special in the grand scheme of things, but as newlyweds just renting our first apartment together with some friends with not much money to throw around, we wanted to make our one year aniversary special. So we kicked our flat mates out so we could have the place to ourselves, had a nice bath together and then ate strawberries and cream and drank Asti Spumanti. It wasn't big or flash or anything, but it was very intimate and relaxing, and certainly made us both feel special and close again after all the scrimping and saving of the past year.
  • Names Not Submitted (1st Anniversary)
  • When my husband and I were first married we were very poor college students! He was working part time as a teaching assistant and doing cabinetmaking on the weekends. I was working the late shift as a front desk clerk at a hotel. Needless to say we didn't have the money to throw much of a first year anniversary party! Imagine my surprise when I arrived home on our anniversary to see an eight foot tall wooden heart hanging from the trees in front of our apartment with "I love you" painted in monsterous sized letters! The heart was painted pink, the letters were in white. It was the best present I've ever received.
  • Stevie and FEEBGB (5th Anniversary)
  • For our 5th anniversary my hubby Stevie rented a billboard and it said "Happy Anniversary to My Little FEEBGB". He and our kids drove me back and forth in front of that billboard about 12 times, and I never saw it, I just never looked UP! Finally, one of our kids said, "Well look at that billboard"!!! And I just then looked up and read it. Well I almost fainted.
  • First off, everyone in our tiny town knows my knickname is FEEBGB, a meaningless bunch of letters my hubby calls me. It is pronounced, FEE-BEE-GEE-BEE, and our neighbors finally one day asked me what it was about, as it was also a vanity license plate. Well that was 1/2 the surprise. The other was the most beautiful watch I ever saw - it is sometimes referred to as the "Museum" watch. But it is 18 years later, and I treasure that funny anniversary, with its surprise billboard and wonderful gift. And every few years when that watch needs a new battery, I marvel at the timelessness of its elegant design.
  • Thanks honey bunny...and may we have another 19 more years together, at least!
  • Names Not Submitted (20th Anniversary)
  • My husband and I always play the lottery with the same number every week for 10 years. So when it was our anniversary he took our son out to a fair ground on our anniversary day. After so many hours he only had 2 dollars left. So he had a me an anniversary card or buy the lottery ticket. Well being the good husband he is, he decided on the card. When he got home, he gave me the card and the whole family sat down to watch the lottery numbers. As each number was revealed, we slowly realised that it was our numbers....finally! The whole family were out of their seats, jumping and screaming at the milions we won. Then, I noticed that my husband was a tad quiet. First I thought he was shocked...then I thought NO, my husband is never like this and I asked him what was wrong.
  • After so many times asking, he finally told everyone in a mousy voice that he didn't play the lottery that day, because he bought the anniversary card. The kids were delirious and just as I was about to kill him, it dawned on me exactly what this meant. That even after 20 years, given the choice of a chance winning millions or showing appreciation to the one you love, my husband picked me over money. At that moment, we both started to cry and fell in love with each other, all over again. Its been 5 years since that day, now we just laugh at it but our love is still strong.
  • Martin and Gwen (13th Anniversary)
  • We got married thirteen years ago on September the 11th. After a few years anniversaries become a bit routine, this year I have to admit, I forgot. On my journey home after work I was listening to the radio ... "of course today is the anniversary of 9/11 ... blah blah blah ... anniversary ... blah 9/11 ... blah ... blah 9th September ..." Suddenly it struck me! It was the 9th of September and my wedding anniversary. I rushed to the shops, bought a bottle of champagne, a card, flowers and chocolate. Many good husband points were earnt, black eyes missed all due to having a now infamous wedding date.
  • Cody and Michelle (6th Anniversary)
  • On our sixth wedding anniversary, my husband took me out to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant overlooking the river. After dinner, we took a walk around the area and stopped to look at the view. While we were standing there, he pulls out a key and hands it to me. It was for a hotel room for the night, and suprised me by telling me my parents were watching the kids for the evening so we could have a quiet, relaxing anniversary. He even packed all of my things for me! At the hotel, he had a bubble bath, strawberries and wine waiting for me. It was the most relaxing evening!.

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