Flower Themed Gifts

Featured are unique rose and flower gift ideas that last much longer than a bouquet. Choose from 24K gold-, silver- and platinum-dipped roses, message and glazed roses that last forever.

Unique Rose Themed Gifts

Unique 24K gold, platinum or silver trimmed (or all 24K gold, silver or platinum dipped) real roses with either imprinted messages, graphics or that you can also imprint your own romantic message on a petal. Many roses can be used for any romantic occasion, so check out all 3 categories. Your imagination is the limit!

Gold Dipped Roses
24K Gold-Dipped Roses

Real roses dipped in 24K Gold. Very affordable! Also choose silver & platinum dipped, glazed roses & orchids, porcelain, crystal roses and more unique flower gifts.
Romantic Message Roses
Romantic Message Roses

Choose from I Love You, I Love You In Different Languages, 5-Star Lover, Heart Tag Message roses plus more unique roses with a message, graphic or add your own romantic message to a petal or tag.
Wedding Message Roses
Wedding & Proposal Roses

From a Will You Marry Me Rose to a Wedding Bells Rose, you'll find the perfect rose to propose or celebrate a wedding.
  Anniversary Themed Message Roses
Anniversary Themed Roses

Anniversary Year, Personalized Couple Rose, Milestone Roses & Bouquets: choose the perfect rose for your anniversary or to honor your parents' or friends' marriage.

Create Your Own Romantic Flowers!

Learn the art of origami paper folding to create a handmade gift guaranteed to be cherished. Create a sweet flower gift any time you want to wow the one you love. How can you make them unique?

  • Travel tickets: create origami flowers from a map, magazine or web images of where you plan to visit
  • Sports tickets: create flowers from images of the sport, equipment, fave players, game stats. Mix them up!
  • Create a small origami bouquet and slip a love letter inside
  • Perfect for a romantic table setting. Place a bloom over each table setting
  • Dress up your gift presentation with a handmade flower

How To Get The Most Flowers For Your Money

My suggestion for sending real flower bouquets is to purchase your flowers from a local florist.

  • Call several days before (at least a week or two for holidays) to order your bouquet.
  • When sending flowers to your parents or loved ones who don't live locally, get a local florist recommendation and call the florist directly.
  • Tell the florist your budget, what your main flower choices are and they'll arrange a lovely bouquet for you.
  • Use the meanings of flowers to help you send an especially romantic floral message.
  • For those you love with a green thumb, give your fave gardeners a gift certificate for a shopping spree at a nursery!

100% of your money will be spent on the bouquet and not on ridiculous overhead fees—which means you'll send a much nicer bouquet.

Which Flowers Should You Send?

Her favorites, of course. Which change now and then, so be sure to ask discreetly. Or look up the meaning of flowers to choose a bouquet that sends an especially romantic message—include a note that lists the flowers with their meaning for a totally "wow" anniversary or romantic gift. Your wife wants the whole world, or at the very least, her friends or work buddies to also know how much you love her. Send a gorgeous flower arrangement to her office and she will immediately become the center of attention. All the oohs and aahs come pouring in, "How wonderful your husband (boyfriend/partner) is" and "How lucky you are!" You've made a touchdown, a hole in one, a slam dunk and a home run all in one. We exaggerate…not!

More than giving flowers is how you present them. Presentation gets as many points, if not more, than the actual flower arrangement. If you have a DIY streak, learn to create a tussie mussie, a small bouquet of two or three different flowers that's easy to put together. A wonderful way to decorate your dining table!