Romantic Gift Baskets

A romantic gift basket is a thoughtful anniversary gift for your parents, friends or spouse that will have them celebrating beyond their anniversary celebration. Themed gift baskets are a perfect way to slip in concert, sports, theater or travel tickets for a special surprise. Click the image or text link to go to one of our gift basket showcases.

custom gift baskets
Gourmet Custom Baskets

Create a custom basket with a unique keepsake container. Choose your theme, then fill with your choice of select gourmet goodies + addons.
custom wine gift basket
Gourmet Food Gift Baskets

Scrumptious gourmet food & snack baskets.
Coffee and Tea Lovers Baskets
fine and artisan chocolate
Fine and Artisan Chocolates

Sensually indulge in a luscious chocolate gift: baskets, organic, truffles, chocolate treats for your fave chocoholic.
Chocolate Baskets & Assortments
Chocolate Bars & Treats
Chocolate Truffles and Treats
Snacks & Sweet Tooth Treats
Wine and Champagne Gifts
Wine and Champagne Gift Baskets

Wine and champagne gift baskets accompanied by sweet and savory treats.
Personalized Fortune Cookies
Cookie Baskets, Snacks, and Fortune Cookies
Romantic spa & bath gifts
Romantic Spa Gifts

Indulge and pamper your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend. Baskets, individual items to create your own DIY basket and robes. Many gifts can be personalized.

Create A Very Special Gift

  • Personalized anniversary toasting glasses or sports mugs. As they are sent separately, let the recipient know you are sending two packages by including a note on each gift card, "Gift part one of two" and "Gift part two of two," so they'll know what to expect. If you're giving this at a party, have them sent to you and combine in one basket.
  • Choose from elegant toasting glasses or beer mugs with many themes. Most can be personalized.

DIY Gift Basket Ideas

You're the crafter or DIY type, so decide on a theme and buy a container to match it. Browse through the anniversary gifts by year list for some suggestions. A few alternative gift basket ideas:

  • For example, if a couple is celebrating their 10th anniversary (aluminum or tin), and they're avid gardeners, buy an aluminum watering can. Fill it with some gardening themes, such as a gardening tips book, or perhaps some unusual tool. Add a gift certificate to their favorite local or online nursery and a few fresh blooms. Finish off with their favorite gourmet goodies or a bottle of fine wine.
  • Create a unique anniversary gift basket with a shaped box, such as a heart or star you can find at craft stores.
  • Buy a scrap of velvet or silk large enough to line and cover the contents. Place the tickets or gift certificate with a few small gifts to honor an anniversary year theme.
  • If you're giving them travel tickets for an anniversary gift, buy a small suitcase and decorate it with travel stickers. Fill it with essential travel items, non-perishable snacks and beverages. Include local attraction and activity guides, projected weather information (easily found online), and a few inexpensive theme gifts. For example, if they're heading to Las Vegas, include a lucky horseshoe, dice and cards.
  • They're the healthy type? Make them a fruit gift basket. Shop at a gourmet store for unusual and premium fruit selections. Layer heavier fruits on the bottom and top with a sprinkle of berries and grapes. Add a few healthy gourmet items such as nuts and cheeses. Decorate with a few fresh blooms or dried grasses around the edges. Buy fruit a few days ahead so it's ripe when you give it.

An anniversary gift basket is several gifts for the price of one—and just add a personal touch and you'll have a unique gift your recipients will enjoy for days.