Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year List

How was this wacky wedding anniversary by year gift list created? Who was the genius who decided that the 44th anniversary should be celebrated with groceries? Well, making a romantic meal at home does it! Or shop for groceries in Hawaii, Paris or Rome!

Paper for your first anniversary? Travel, concert or sports tickets will do nicely. Or return to your honeymoon destination (also for the 43rd). Check out Travel Adventure and Experiences located in many U.S. cities for fun-filled day tours and longer. Textiles for the 13th? Satin sheets and sexy lingerie spice it up!

Put a creative spin on this list, and combine traditional and modern gift ideas, flowers or gemstones. The best anniversary gift you can give each other is to create fun, loving memories.

Traditional & Modern Anniversary Gifts List

Designer Cuff Links
1st Gifts Paper
Love Note Gifts
1st Cards
1st Custom Gifts
Anniversary Clocks
Whimsical Clocks
Gold Roses
Romantic Message Roses
Romantic & Heart Jewelry
Romantic Lockets
Mens Cufflinks
(including gold cufflinks)
2nd Cotton China
Collectible Gifts
See 20th China Gifts
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
3rd Gifts Leather
Mens Wallets & Womens Wallets
Designer Handbags
Crystal, Glass
Toasting Glasses
Swarovski Crystal Jewelry
Swarovski Animal Figurines
Personalized Crystal Gifts
Recycled Glass Gifts
Freshwater Pearl Necklaces
4th Linen (Silk)
Designer Silk Scarves
Handmade Silk Scarves
Silk Ties
Appliances Blue Topaz
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
5th Gifts Wood Gifts
Handcrafted Jewelry / Keepsake Boxes
Handcrafted Couple Sculptures 
Music Boxes
Recycled Wood Gifts
Sustainable Wood Gifts
Silverware Sapphire
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
6th Iron or Candy
Recycled Metal Gifts
Golf Training Aids
Golf Clubs
Artisan Chocolates
Wood Gifts
(See 5th Anniversary)
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
Calla Lily
Gold-Dipped Calla Lily
Lily Themed Gifts
7th Gifts Copper, Wool
Womens Wool Scarves
Mens Sweaters
Desk Sets Onyx
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
8th Bronze Linens, Lace Tourmaline  
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
9th Pottery (China)
See 20th China Gifts
Leather Goods
See 3rd Leather Gifts
Lapis Lazuli
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
10th Gifts Tin, Aluminum   
Recycled Metal Gifts
Diamond Jewelry
Affordable Diamond Jewelry
Fine Diamond Pendants
Diamond Daffodil
11th Steel
Recycled Metal Gifts
Fashion Jewelry
Mens Tungsten & Stainless Jewelry
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
Morning Glory
12th Silk
(See 4th Anniversary)
Pearls, Colored Gems
Freshwater Pearl Necklaces
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
13th Lace Textiles, Furs Citrine
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
14th Ivory Gold Jewelry
Romantic & Heart Jewelry
Romantic Lockets
Mens Cufflinks
(including gold cufflinks)
Gemstone Jewelry
15th Gifts Crystal
Engraved Crystal Gifts
Toasting Glasses
Recycled Glass Gifts
Swarovski Crystal Jewelry
Swarovski Crystal Animal Figurines & Jewelry
Womens Watches
Mens Watches
Ruby Roses
Gold Roses
Message Roses
Rose Theme Gifts
16th   Silver Holloware Peridot
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
17th   Furniture
Collectible Home Decor
Collectible Wall Decor
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
18th   Porcelain Cat's Eye or Tanzanite
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
19th   Bronze Aquamarine
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
20th Gifts China
Collectible Figurines
Collectible Home Decor
Choose a porcelain or ceramic
Flower Vase
Keepsake Box
Handcrafted Box
Music Box
Platinum Emerald
Gemstone Jewelry
Day Lily
21st   Brass, Nickel Lolite  
22nd   Copper Spinel
Handmade Necklaces
23rd   Silver plate Imperial Topaz  
24th   Musical Instruments
Collectible Music Boxes
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
25th Gifts Sterling Silver
Womens Sterling Silver Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
Mens Sterling Silver Jewelry
Designer Cufflinks
25th Anniversary Favors
25th Party Supplies
Sterling Silver Silver Jubilee Iris
26th   Original Pictures    
27th   Sculpture
Handcrafted Sculptures
28th   Orchid Themed Gifts
Gold & Glazed Orchids
29th   New Furniture    
30th Pearl
Freshwater Pearl Necklaces
Jewelry (Under $500)
Jewelry ($500+)
Pearl Jubilee Sweet Pea
31st   Timepieces
Womens Watches
Mens Watches
32nd   Conveyances (autos)    
33rd   Amethyst Amethyst
Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade Necklaces
34th   Opal Opal
Handmade Necklaces
35th Coral Jade
Gemstone Jewelry
36th   Bone China    
37th   Alabaster    
38th   Beryl, Tourmaline Beryl, Tourmaline
Gemstone Jewelry
39th   Lace    
40th Gifts Ruby
40th Party Favors & Supplies
Ruby Ruby
Gemstone Jewelry
41st   Land    
42nd   Improved Real Estate    
43rd   Travel    
44th   Groceries
Custom Gift Baskets
Champagne/Wine Gift Baskets
45th Sapphire
Gemstone Jewelry
Sapphire Sapphire  
46th   Original Poetry Tribute    
47th   Books    
48th   Optical Goods (telescope, binoculars)    
49th   Luxuries
Mens Designer Accessories
Womens Designer Accessories
Diamond Jewelry $500+
50th Gifts Gold
Romantic Pendants
Heart & Romantic Lockets
50th Anniversary Favors
50th Party Supplies
Gold Golden Jubilee Violet
55th Emerald
Gemstone Jewelry
Emerald Emerald  
60th Yellow Diamond Diamond
Jewelry (Under $500)
Jewelry ($500+)
Diamond Jubilee  
70th   Platinum    
75th Diamonds, Gold      
80th   Diamond, Pearl    
85th   Diamond, Sapphire    
90th   Diamond, Emerald    
95th   Diamond, Ruby    
100th    10-carat Diamond    

Take The Pressure Off Performance!

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Anniversary Gift By Year Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Look through SweetLoveGifts menus above or use the search to find delightful gifts for everyone on your Christmas list. There's many more links on each page to guide you. Enjoy and Happy Holiday Shopping!

Christmas Ornaments
Family & Friend Ornaments
Sports Ornaments
Stocking Stuffers & Whimsical Gifts
Christmas Home Decor
Collectible Ornaments, Gifts & Brands
Zazzle Christmas Gifts, Decor & Party Supplies

Please Help Those Less Fortunate

Please set aside part of your Christmas gift budget to make a charitable contribution or directly help someone you know in need.

  • Purchase grocery gift cards to help out family, friends or neighbors who have been laid off from their job.
  • Become a Secret Santa and purchase toys for needy children—check with your local post office to see if they have a Secret Santa program.
  • Many grocery stores and churches have a food bank bin. Purchase a few non-perishable items each time you shop for groceries.
  • Volunteer at a senior folks home or children's hospital.
  • Do you have an elderly neighbor who can't get around as they used to? Offer to do some chores, grocery shopping or prepare a few one-dish meals. Put portions in separate containers that will be easy for them to reheat.

There are so many ways to spread joy, love and blessings to those who need a friendly, helping hand!