Create Your Anniversary Party Plan

The next stage of your party planning is to create a master anniversary party plan. If you have a co-host or two, divide up the tasks. Plan how you will communicate if something comes up and one of the hosts can't fulfill their responsibility. Some of us don't like to admit we can't finish something, so make it easy for anyone to say "I need help!" and avoid last minute disappointments.

Create Main Anniversary Party Categories

List the major areas and items for which you need to book, make purchases, rent or schedule. Decide how many people you want to invite. Some suggestions include:

  • Venue
  • Invitations
  • Party Consultant
  • Caterer and serving staff
  • Entertainment
  • Photographer and/or videographer
  • Having a casual or buffet party? Check out our themed party decorations.
  • Unique themed party and wedding favors
  • Seating plan if necessary
  • Room decorations
  • Flowers
  • Cake
  • Gift table
  • Hotel room block for out-of-town guests
  • Miscellaneous items, such as a limo for couple

Book Food & Entertainment Services

Research and decide on restaurant, hall, caterer, entertainment and other major services you need. If you already chose a restaurant or other venue, you may need more quotes for other resources such as calligraphers for cards, DJs, flowers, cake and decorations. Get recommendations if you're not from the area, or get at least 2 quotes. Book the restaurant or hall first so you can mail invitations at least a month in advance.

Send Out The Invitations

Make up your final guest list.

  • If you have a theme, try to match the invitation design to it. Shop for unique anniversary cards at SweetLoveGifts.
  • Ask if the venue has map and travel direction instructions that you can include with the invitations.
  • Did you book a block of rooms at a local hotel? Include the contact and travel info to appropriate guests.
  • If using a restaurant or caterer, find out when final head count is needed and make the RSVP date 2 or 3 days before. Call those who haven't responded at least 1 week in advance of the final RSVP date.
  • If you are planning a large anniversary party, there may be a few invitees who forget to include their names when they return RSVPs. Make an invitee list and number it. Very lightly pencil in the number on the back of the corresponding invitee response card.

A master anniversary party plan gives you an overall idea, and completing this step is important. If you've done this, you're now ready to organize the fun party planning details!