Anniversary Roses

Unique 24K Gold, Silver or Platinum Trimmed Roses

A real rose, preserved in acrylic with 24K gold, silver or platinum trim includes a special saying or graphic imprinted on the petal—an especially cherished gift for a wedding anniversary gift for your wife. A wonderful gift for the one you love, the bride & groom, a gift for parents and grandparents or to honor a friends' anniversary celebration.

Add an imported crystal vase, a case with an engraveable plate, plush bears and more. In most cases, you can choose different rose colors, embed a birthstone or order an all gold, silver or platinum dipped rose. There are many options to create a one-of-a-kind anniversary gift for the one you love! 24K gold trim is included in the base price.

Your rose is nestled in a lovely gift box with a gift card. LoveIsARose ships U.S. and offers a shipping rebate to U.S. military personnel for U.S. ground shipping. Click to shop at the merchant's site to get the latest price as they run many unadvertised sales.

Wedding Roses | Romantic Message Roses

Anniversary Year Rose
Any Anniversary Year Rose

Your anniversary year is imprinted on a petal. Choose from different colors or all gold, silver or platinum.
Wedding Bells Rose
Wedding Bells Rose

An 11" real rose preserved in acrylic and trimmed in 24K gold, platinum or silver. The couple's initials are imprinted inside two wedding bells on a petal. Available in several colors. Additional short message can be printed on another petal.
Couple Rose
Anniversary Couple Rose

An 11" real rose trimmed in 24K gold, platinum or silver, with the couple's names & special date imprinted on the petals. Available in several colors, but the cream rose is highly recommended.
Black & White Rose Pair
11" Black & White Rose Pair

Stunning black and white rose pair preserved in acrylic and trimmed in 24K gold, silver or platinum. Imprint a message on one or both roses.
Black & White Yin/Yang Rose Pair
Milestone Anniversary Roses
20th Anniversary Milestone Year Rose
20th Anniversary Rose

"20th" is imprinted on an 11" rose (choice of colors) with platinum trim plus your birthstones. Or choose an all platinum rose!
Choose a rose color, silver or gold-dipped rose
25th Rose (Silver)
40th Rose (Ruby)
50th Rose (Gold)
Miniature 3 inch Rose
8" Message Rose

8" real rose available in several colors or all gold, silver or platinum. Very affordable! Wonderful to give with a marriage proposal or love letter.
11" Message Rose
50th anniversary gold roses
24K Gold-Dipped Roses

A large selection of gold-dipped roses perfect for the 50th anniversary.
Past, Present, Future Gold
More Gold Roses
6 11" Gold Dipped Roses
12 11" Gold Dipped Roses
(To order 2 Doz.+, enter 2, 3, etc. in Quantity box at bottom of order form).
Milestone Bouquets
The ultimate anniversary gift when money is no object!
Wedding or Anniversary Rose
20th Anniversary Bouquet

A gorgeous bouquet of 20 11" roses trimmed in platinum. Choose from several colors. Personalize with a heart charm.
25th Anniversary Bouquet
(25 Roses)
50th Gold Bouquet
(50 Roses)
25th anniversary silver trimmed rose
Silver Trimmed Roses

Especially for the 25th anniversary. Choose from many colors and sizes. Add a message on petal (not available on all sizes), heart charm and birthstones.
Past, Present, Future All Silver-Dipped Roses
Anniversary Rose in Display Case
Anniversary Rose Display Case

Choose her favorite rose color trimmed in your choice of 24K gold, silver or platinum, or choose all gold, silver or platinum. Include an imprinted love note to your wife. Rose is displayed in an acrylic case with a walnut base.
Pair of 11" Roses Display
Orchid Display
His and Her Rose Pair
His & Her 8" Pair Roses

A pair of 8" preserved roses trimmed in 24K gold or silver. More rose colors available + personalize further with a heart charm or birthstones.
His & Her 11" Roses
Milestone Remembrance Boxes
20th Anniversary Remembrance Box
20th Anniversary Remembrance Box

Walnut Remembrance Box comes with two real 11" roses preserved in platinum. You can also add a third rose or a 2" x 3" engraving plate with your romantic message.
25th Remembrance Box
50th Remembrance Box

Be creative! Just because something says "Anniversary" doesn't mean it has to be used for an anniversary. Be sure to check the Proposal & Wedding Roses & the Romantic Message Roses for more unique gift ideas. For example: buy the Wedding Remembrance Box with a 5" rose & engrave a love letter for an anniversary.

Glazed Orchids & Lilies

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Glazed Roses (From RomanceHer)

Click on any image style, then scroll through RomanceHer's page to order yellow, white or pink-gold roses + silver roses. Add a vase or engraved tag for an additional fee. Beautifully gift-boxed, no additional fee. Free U.S. ground shipping on all $75+ orders!

24K yellow gold dipped roses
12" or 17" 24K Gold Dipped Roses

An elegant, 24K gold-dipped bud or bloom rose. Available as a single, Lovers pair, 3 or half dozen. Scroll to middle of page at the merchant's site to buy this rose.
unique pink gold dipped roses
Pink Gold Roses

Unique, romantic pink (rose) 12" gold roses available in either bud or bloom styles, as a single, Lovers pair, 3 or half-dozen. At the merchant site, scroll down to nearly the bottom of the page to buy a pink gold rose.
24K gold dipped rose
11" 24K White Gold Roses

11" rose dipped in 24K white gold, in a "half-open" bud style. Available in single, Lovers pair or half-dozen.
silver dipped rose
12" or 17" Silver Roses

Perfect 25th anniversary gift. Choose a single silver stem, a Lovers Pair or a half dozen silver roses. They are dipped in real silver—which must be occasionally cleaned. At the merchant site, scroll down to the middle of the page to buy silver roses.
glazed roses
Glazed Roses

Real roses preserved with a clear acrylic glaze. Select no trim, 24K gold or platinum trim (no additional fee). Roses come in several colors, including black. Select 2 different color roses in a Lovers pair. A very romantic gift for her!
platinum dipped rose
Platinum Roses

Platinum roses, more precious than silver or gold. Comes in 12" and 17" stems. Order as a rose bud or bloom, a Lovers Pair, 3 or a half-dozen. A perfect 20th Anniversary gift.
Anniversary Rose Guide
  • Paper is the 1st anniversary gift
  • Cotton is the 2nd anniversary gift
  • Leather is the 3rd anniversary gift
  • Wood is the 5th anniversary gift
  • Daisies are the 5th anniversary flower
  • Calla lilies are the 6th anniversary flower
  • Copper is the 7th anniversary gift
  • Bronze is the 8th anniversary gift
  • Aluminum is the 10th anniversary gift
  • Steel is the 11th anniversary gift
  • Ivory is the 14th anniversary gift
  • Crystal is the 15th anniversary traditional gift
  • Roses are the 15th anniversary flower
  • Platinum is the 20th anniversary modern gift
  • Porcelain (China) is the 20th anniversary traditional gift, & the modern 18th & 36th anniversary gift.
  • Brass is the 21st anniversary modern gift
  • Silver is the 25th anniversary gem
  • Orchids are the 28th wedding anniversary flower
  • Pearl is the 30th anniversary gift
  • Ruby is the 40th anniversary gemstone. A glazed or porcelain red rose is perfect.
  • Gold is the 1st & 50th anniversary gem

Rose Color Meanings

Create an especially romantic gift—here's each rose color meaning:

  • Long-stemmed Roses (15th anniversary, all Roses): "Admiration"
  • Red Roses: "I love you, passion, beauty, pure and lovely, prosperity"
  • White Roses: "I'm worthy of you, you're heavenly, spiritual love, charm, silence"
  • Red and White Roses: "Unity"
  • Lavender Roses: "Love at first sight"
  • Blue Roses: "Extraordinary, mystery"
  • Pink Roses: "Perfect happiness, please believe me, gratitude"
  • Deep Pink Roses: "Thank you, thankfulness"
  • Light Pink Roses: "Joy, perfect happiness, gratitude, please believe me"
  • Orange Roses: "You are my secret love, enthusiasm"
  • Peach (Coral) Roses: "Desire, gratitude, appreciation"
  • Yellow Roses: "Joy, friendship, true love, try to care"
  • Black Roses: "You are my obsession, death of old habits (new beginnings)"
  • Mixed Color Roses: "You're everything to me"