20th Wedding Anniversary Popular Gifts

Here is a selection of popular 20th wedding anniversary gifts that I designed for Zazzle that you can personalize—at NO extra charge. These are affiliate links (not mine) that means that a small commission is paid when you buy a gift. There is no higher cost for any gift when you buy it through an affiliate link.

Click the image or item title to go to the Zazzle site and customize your gift. Shop my entire 20th Anniversary Collection.


Cooking Up Love!

The speediest distance to anyone’s heart is via their tummy. Whether you offer a sweet or savory treat, it’s even better when presented in a heart shape (just in case the one you love needs an l’il extra clue about your romantic feelings).

Yes, it’s très cute, but who says there isn’t a place for cute? And especially if you’ve been together a long, long time and you feel like your love is getting a wee bit stale around the edges. Creating some temptatious goodies with your very own hands will freshen it up pronto! Read more…

Help My Marriage, Please!

married couple in loveNo matter how much you love each other, there’s going to be bumps in the road. Very few couples can manage to avoid those awful periods of who or why did I marry this …..? Knowing what your spouse needs can be usually boiled down to two key ingredients: Love and Respect. Very generally, women want to feel loved more and men need respect first. Keep it simple! You really don’t have to over analyze, in fact, too much analyzing will muddy the waters. Read more…