How to Buy Diamond, Pearl, Gemstone & Gold Jewelry

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Buying an expensive anniversary jewelry gift is a highly emotional decision—you see that ring, bracelet, pendant or necklace and you just gotta have it. That float-in-the-clouds sensation rushes through you as you imagine your loved one's joy when you hand them your special gift.

Curb your enthusiasm! Establish your firm, maximum budget and don't leave home without it. Learn how to distinguish the different characteristics, what marks or reports are required or not and which quality you should trade off to make a fabulous deal for yourself.

True bargains in the fine jewelry industry are rare. Honest jewelers have upfront policies and display professional certifications and affiliations. They won't give you bogus documentation. A gorgeous anniversary jewelry gift is well within your means and here are some basic jewelry buying tips.

Disreputable dealers may not tell you about enhancements such as fracture filling or laser drilling. Enhancements are not necessarily a bad thing, find out more about enhanced diamonds or use our gemstone guide to find out about commonly used gemstone treatments. We also have advice about how to buy jewelry online so you don't get scammed.

Buying Diamond Jewelry Tips

You'll sleep better when you learn how to choose and buy diamond jewelry and learn which type of diamond enhancements are useful and which to avoid. Quality diamonds should have an independent laboratory certification and if it's value is high, a diamond appraisal as well.

Buying Pearl Jewelry Tips

Pearls offered at unusually low prices run the risk of being fake or of a lower quality. Buy pearls with confidence with these pearl jewelry tips.

Buying Gemstone Jewelry Tips

Ask how a gemstone was treated and if the treatment is permanent. Some gemstone enhancements aren't permanent and your jewelry may fade over time. Our Gemstone Guide gives you a good, basic overview about gemstone enhancements. When you're ready to buy, make your gift special—learn what the colors & meanings of gemstones are.

Buying Gold & Silver Jewelry Tips

Is buying gold and silver jewelry a no-brainer? Should be, but here's a few gold and silver jewelry tips to help you get the best buy.

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