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Creating your own time line is a wonderful gift idea for your partner, an anniversary gift for your parents or wedding gift for friends. Use key events from your relationship: when you met, your first kiss, when you fell in love, when you became engaged and of course, your wedding date. If you've been married longer, add other major events: when you bought your first home, children, special vacations and other romantic highlights of your marriage.

Mix your history up with all kinds of time lines and make it fun! Below are free information resources for many types of time lines and free templates so you can print yours out and frame it for a unique romantic anniversary gift.

Free Time Line Templates

Here are several free time line template resources. Note, Windows only users.

Time Line Resources

History and Event Time Lines

  • Timeline Index is a treasure trove of timelines from people, events, countries, objects. You name it, I'll bet you can find a timeline for it here.
  • History time line resources for world, U.S., sports, entertainment and science events. A day in history time line with a free tool that lists many types of events in the year you were married, or events on your anniversary date. Save the info and import it into a Word document. Place a recent photo in the document and you just created a very special gift for your first wedding anniversary.
  • Another free day in history tool for more events.
  • See Today In History & Today's Birthday below.

Topical Time Lines

  • Film Time Lines cover film history from pre-1900s through the present
  • The Food History time line begins from early grains through Deep Fried Coca Cola. Fun, unique.
  • The Modern Art time line goes from the 1860s through now.
  • History of Gardening covers gardeing history from 35,000 BCE through 1999.
  • History of Architecture time line covers from 8th millenium BC through 2000s.
  • Fashion timeline covers fashion history from late 1800s through 1990s.
  • Sex Science covers events in the history of sex from antiquity through Viagra. And there it ends!s

Music Time Lines

  • Classical Music Time Line, from Antiquity to 1900 or try this classical time line which includes a few 20th century composers. Be creative: match a significant year in your life to "100 years ago" or "500 years ago."
  • Billboards's Top Hits from the late 1940s through 2005. Covers rock/pop, hip hop and country music. You'll find both singles and album charts. They also have a This Day In Music Timeline which features the current day and the past two weeks (look lower right for the "Recent Days In Music"). It doesn't have to be the exact day, use the same year.

This Day in History

This Day in History provided by The Free Dictionary

Today's Birthday

Today's Birthday provided by The Free Dictionary