What Is It About Chocolate?

According to many known and anonymous authorities, giving a woman a fine chocolate gift will have her swooning with joy. There's hardly anything better than the sensual, sublime rush of a gourmet chocolate slowly melting into and coating your mouth with a creamy film of divine chocolateness.

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Show Me The Chocolate!

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Chocolate Lovers Gifts

The ultimate chocolate lovers gift pages, with chocolate decadence galore to delight even the most dedicated chocoholic.
Chocolate Baskets & Assortments
Chocolate Bars & Treats
Organic, Gluten-Free Chocolates
Chocolate Truffles
Valentines Day Chocolates
Valentines Day Chocolates

Fine chocolates for Valentines Day, a wedding, anniversary, birthday or any romantic occasion you want to celebrate your love. Most are available all year around.
Chocolates & Champagne
Chocolates & Wine

For those extra special celebrations, give Wine & Chocolates. Many gift baskets available, your choice of champagne or wine.
Champagne Baskets
giant fortune cookies
Giant Fortune Cookies

Nearly football size, dipped in Belgian chocolate—add your free, personalized fortune! Also regular size fortune cookies.
chocolate inspired gifts
It happens to the best of us: you can't consider even one more bite of chocolate. But you'll love these Gifts Inspired by Chocolate: 100% love & 0 calories!

Chocolate As An Aphrodisiac

Throughout history, fine chocolate has been considered the nectar of the gods, a symbol of wealth and power and an aphrodisiac. I don't think there's a soul alive who wouldn't agree that chocolate puts you instantly in a better mood!

Does science have all the answers? According to Cynthia Finley, a dietitian at the John Hopkins Weight Management Center, chocolate doesn't boost your love life and neither will raw oysters or chili peppers. She claims "There's no proof to it. There hasn't been any conclusive evidence that any of these foods work as aphrodisiacs." Bah, humbug! We all know about the emotional and psychological factors that science can't test or prove. And they do count!

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

You still need an excuse? There are many reports that attest to the health benefits of fine dark chocolate and knock down the myths surrounding chocolate, such as chocolate raises cholesterol, chocolate has a lot of caffeine, chocolate doesn't have nutritional value or chocolate makes you gain weight. Leave your chocolate worries at the door, but note, its only dark chocolate that provides health benefits.

  • The BBC reported that chocolate is one third more effective in stopping coughs than codeine without making you drowsy (Source: BBC News, Dec. 12, 2004).
  • The Chocolate Manufacturers Association says that an American enjoys 11.8 pounds of chocolate annually, but a Swiss citizen gobbles more than 21 pounds. (Source: ChicagoTribune.com, Jul. 7, 2002). Americans must catch up!
  • One truism about chocolate, fine or not, is that it can be fatal to your house pets. Keep chocolates away from your furry friends and immediately take them to the vet if you think they ate any chocolate and/or show signs of illness.

But who cares about science…when you have personal proof of fine chocolate's stimulating properties? Sandra Boynton, a noted children's author, has it right: "Research tells us fourteen out of any ten individuals likes chocolate."

Is Fine Chocolate Worth The Extra Money?

Supermarket chocolates have high concentrates of sugar, partially hydrogenated palm oil, may have dried milk, vegetable oil and artificial flavors. Even wax may be blended in. They may have as little as 20% cocoa content in them and tend to have a gritty texture because they're made with a lot lower grade cocoa bean.

The best quality fine chocolate has no preserving agents or vegetable fats, other than the actual cocoa butter. Real vanilla, sugar—used sparingly—and the freshest dairy products are the only other ingredients. The final piece de resistance is shiny and satiny smooth, with no imperfections. Fine chocolate makes a distinctive clean, snapping sound when bitten or broken, and has a strong chocolate aroma. The taste lingers on much longer than ordinary chocolate. With only pure, fresh ingredients, fine chocolate comes out on top. Dollar for dollar, tastebud by tastebud, you'll never look back.

Create Your Own Gourmet Chocolate

Dream up scrumptious chocolate treats together with Hank Friedman's free (and easy) chocolate truffle and dessert recipes using couverture chocolate.

Slowly Savor...

You'll only need one or two of these luxuriously rich treats to satisfy you. Between each piece, clear your palate with non-carbonated spring water. Allow the chocolate to rest on your tongue for a few seconds and begin to melt a little before biting into it (this calls for some serious discipline!).

Share a long, deep chocolate-inspired kiss. If your amorous instincts aren't aroused and you need more inspiration, well, life is tough. You'll just have to savor another piece of chocolate!