Are Fracture Filled Diamonds Worthless?

As fracture filled diamonds are vulnerable to damage, this treatment is considered one of the most controversial by jewelers and consumers. They can crack through normal wear and tear, the filling can be eroded or eliminated by cleaning and direct heat, and even extended exposure to sunlight may cause filler discoloration. Their value is the lowest of all clarity enhanced diamonds, about half the worth of a similar untreated diamond.

Low quality diamonds with internal fractures have their appearance improved by the injection of a glass-like substance of similar density as a diamond to fill it. This will only be noticeable in most cases under magnification. Read the GIA's report on the Yehuda and Oved processes to fracture fill diamonds. Look for Yehuda or Oved fracture filled diamonds if you are comfortable with this treatment as their processes are considered the most stable and they offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Earrings or a pendant are usually recommended, as this type of jewelry isn't as likely to be exposed to a sharp hit against a surface, which could crack a fracture-filled diamond in a ring or bracelet. However, re-polishing, re-tipping or re-cutting can also damage the filler.

All in all, you are taking a high risk to own a large carat diamond which is highly susceptible to breakage and has little to no financial value. If an enormous, brilliant presence is what you seek, consider moissanite jewelry or synthetic diamonds as an alternative.

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