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You'll never run out of gift ideas with all the rainbow colors that gemstone jewelry offers. There are gems to commemorate your anniversary year, your wife or husband's birthstone, three stone rings, eternity bands and jewelry styles from quietly elegant to fabulously funky and vintage gemstone jewelry.

There's so many types to choose, almost too many! Rubies are red and so are red garnets, and you can find a gemstone for every budget. A gem's value is determined by type, size, color, clarity, cut, rarity, and popularity. A small difference in the color or its intensity can also cause a price difference.

The precious gemstones, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds, are the most valuable, and of course, the most expensive. The other semiprecious gems are quirky in terms of value and popularity. A gem stone might be rare and even more beautiful than one of the Big Four, but if it isn't considered popular, you can snap up a dazzling jewelry gift for next to nothing.

This gemstone list will help you find gems in your favorite color or by symbolism. Use our gemstone guide to learn about gemstone treatments and how to safely buy a gemstone. Also see our anniversary gift by year list for the gems associated with a particular anniversary year.

Gemstone Colors and Meanings

White Purity, peace, protection Opal, sapphire, moonstone, topaz, beryl, zircon
Yellow Sunshine, divine wisdom, cheerfulness, warmth, confidence, peaceful feelings, well-being of all Amber, citrine, sapphire, beryl, garnet, tiger's eye, topaz, tourmaline, zircon
Orange Endurance, vitality, creativity, spirituality Carnelian, chalcedony, mexican fire opal, jacinth, spessarite garnet, topaz
Pink Love, compassion, friendship, relaxation, gentleness Beryl (morganite), sapphire, rubellite, kunzite, garnet, rose quartz, tourmaline, spinel, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, topaz
Red Passion, love, strength, courage, protection, health, energy Ruby, garnet, sponge coral, sapphire, jasper, beryl, spinel, alexandrite, bloodstone
Blue Devotion, sincerity, healing, patience, happiness, spiritual Sapphire, lapis lazuli, topaz, boulder opal, quantum quattro, tanzanite
Aqua Creativity, spiritual connection, soothing, purification Aquamarine, topaz, zircon, larimar, amazonite, peruvian opal, turquoise
Green Fertility, healing, prosperity, growth, calming Emerald, sapphire, garnet, boulder opal, malachite, peridot, tourmaline, jade, chrysoprase, zircon, adventurine, topaz
Purple Passion, spiritual goals, wealth, power, calming, wisdom, independence Sapphire, opal, amethyst, sugilite, tanzanite, topaz, garnet, charoite, spinel
Black Banishes negativity, fertility, wisdom Onyx, hematite, obsidian, spinel
Rainbow Each gemstone has its own meaning Boulder opals, ammolite, tourmaline, ametrine, tiger's eye, spectrolite, jasper, agate

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