How To Create A Love List Tips

Create a romantic love list instead of writing a love letter. They're a lot easier than writing a love letter and fun to do. Use our Top 10 List Printable Backgrounds and tuck your list where your honey will find your romantic surprise. A love list is a sweet Just Because I Love You way to show you truly care. A few ideas:

Love List Ideas

  • What qualities you especially appreciate: this could be emotional (kindness, patience) or loving gestures that they always do: kiss you before you leave the house, understand when you need quiet time, make romantic dates or dinners, listen to you when you're having a bad day.
  • Their physical qualities or sexy gestures that turn you on. Start with their hair and work down to their toes.
  • List your dreams with them and how you want them to come true.
  • List reasons "Why I love you better than . . ." and insert your favorite food, TV show, car, sports game.
  • Make a numbered love list: "101 Ways I Love You." Everything and anything goes on this list!
  • If you've been married for several years, make a list of each year you were married and describe a romantic event from that year.
  • Make an "I Promise You" list.
  • Romantic or fun things you enjoy or want to do together. Find a photo that represents each item. Paste each item on a page, write your list. Bind with a romantic notebook cover from an office supply store.
  • You're like a (fill in the blank) because: and list the flower's many qualities. For example, a flower blossom: beautiful as the petals, tender as the leaves, always happily blooming, supportive as the stem.

Use a Top 10 List background or choose a printable love letter background or love note, insert it in Word, type your letter, burn it to a CD with your favorite photos and love songs.

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