Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

The symbolic meaning of flowers has romantic significance by each flower type. There are also the individual meaning of the color of flowers. Create a unique flower bouquet with your special meaning. Flowers with a bold number indicate which anniversary year that flower is associated with.

Not all flowers are available in every area or in season, so check with your local florist and they can help you choose a meaningful substitute. Choose several types of flowers with a special meaning and create a tussie mussie.

Meaning of Flowers and Colors Chart

Flower NameFlower Meaning
Alstroemeria (Peruvian lily) Prosperity, fortune, devotion
Alyssum Excellence beyond beauty
Amaryllis Lily Pride and beauty
Ambrosia Your love is reciprocated
Anemone Expectations
Angelica Inspiration
Anthurium Lover
Apple Blossoms Good fortune
Aster Elegance, love, daintiness
Baby's Breath Pure of heart, innocence
Begonia A fanciful nature
Bells of Ireland Good luck
Bird of Paradise Freedom, magnificance
Bluebell Constancy, humility
Bouvardia Enthusiasm
Butterfly Orchid You are always on my mind
Cactus Endurance
Camellia Gratitude, perfection, fascination
Camellia (pink) Longing for you
Camellia (red) You're a flame in my heart
Camellia (white) You're adorable
Carnation (general) Fascination
Carnation (pink) My heart aches for you, admiration
Cattail Peace, prosperity
Cherry Blossom Beauty and fragility of life, love, wisdom
Chrysanthemum (red) I love
Chrysanthemum (white) Truth, loyal love
Chrysanthemum (yellow) Slighted love
Clematis (8th) Clever beauty
Cornflower Delicacy, refinement
Cosmos (2nd) Beautiful
Crocus Cheerfulness, abuse not
Daffodil (10th) Rebirth, new beginnings, chivalry. You're the only one, the sun is always shining when I'm with you
Dahlia (14th) Novelty
Daisy (5th) Innocence, loyal love, affection
Delphinium Big-hearted, ardent attachment, fun
Ferns Magic, fascination, confidence, shelter
Forget-Me-Not True love, memories
Forsythia Anticipation
Freesia Innocence, trust, friendship
Fuchsia (3rd) Discernment, good taste, amiability
Gardenia You're lovely, secret love, joy, good luck
Geranium (4th) Preference, comfort
Gerbera You are the sunshine of my life
Gladioli Strong character, splendid beauty, remembrance, admiration. I'm really sincere. Give me a break
Gloxinia Love at first sight
Heather Wishes will come true, admiration, beauty, protection
Hibiscus Delicate beauty, rare beauty
Hollyhock (13th) Fruitfulness
Honeysuckle Bonds of love, country beauty
Hyacinth (red or pink) Playful joy
Hydrangea Thank you for understanding
Immortal Flowers Unfading remembrance
Iris (25th) Your friendship means so much to me. Faith, hope, promise
Ivy Wedded love, faithfulness, trust
Jonquil Love me, affection returned, desire
Jack-in-the-pulpit (7th) Fire
Larkspur, purple Sweet disposition, open heart
Larkspur, white Joyful, happy- go-lucky
Lilac Earliest love
Lilac, purple You are my first love
Lilac, white You are so pure and innocent
Lily, Calla
(Link is to all lily gifts)
Your voice is music to my ears, magnificent beauty
Lily, Casablanca I'm in heaven when I'm with you
Lily, Day (20th) Coquetry
Lily, Eucharis Maiden charms
Lily, Stargazer I see heaven in your eyes
Lily, Tiger Wealth
Lily, White It's heavenly to be with you
Lily, Yellow I'm walking on air
Lily, Orange I burn for you
Lily of the Valley Sweetness, return to happiness, you've made my life complete
Magnolia Perseverance, love of nature
Morning Glory (11th) Affection
Narcissus Stay as sweet as you are
Nasturtium (40th) Loyalty
Nosegay Gallantry
Orange Blossom Innocence, eternal love, marriage and fruitfulness
Orchid (28th) Love, beauty, refinement, beautiful lady
Pansy (1st) Consideration, merriment
Peony (12th) Happy life, happy marriage, prosperity
Petunia Your presence soothes me
Poppy (9th) Pleasure, success, ephemeral charms
Rosebud Beauty, youth, a heart innocent of love
Roses, Long-stemmed Admiration
Roses, Short-stemmed Sweetheart, girlhood
Rose, Thornless Love at first sight
Roses, red
(15th all roses)
I love you, passion, beauty, pure and lovely, prosperity
Rose, single red I love you, I still love you
Rose, white I'm worthy of you, you're heavenly, spiritual love, charm, silence
Rose, white and
red mixed
Rose, pink Perfect happiness, please believe me, gratitude
Rose, deep pink Thank you, thankfulness
Rose, light pink Joy, perfect happiness, gratitude, please believe me
Rose, yellow Joy, friendship, true love, try to care
Rose, orange You are my secret love, enthusiasm
Rose, peach (coral) Desire, gratitude, appreciation
Rose, lavender Love at first sight
Rose, blue Extraordinary, mystery
Roses, mixed colors You mean everything to me
Rose, black You are my obsession, death of old habits (new beginnings)
Rose Capucine Splendor
Rose Champagne You are tender and loving
Rose Hibiscus Delicate beauty
Rose Hundred-leaved Graces
Rose Leonidas Sweet love
Rose Nicole You are graceful and elegant, aristocratic
Rose Perpetual Unfading beauty
Rose Striped Warmth of heart
Rose Tea I'll remember always
Snapdragon Gracious lady
Snowdrop Consolation
Statice Remembrance, success
Stephanotis Marital happiness
Sunflower Adoration, pride, sunshine
Sweet Pea (30th) Blissful or delicate pleasure, thank you for a lovely time
Sweet William Grant me one smile
Tulip (all colors) You are the perfect lover
Tulip (red) Believe me, declaration of love
Tulip (variegated) Beautiful eyes
Tulip (yellow) There's sunshine in your smile
Tulip (cream) I will love you forever
Verbena May you get your wish
Violet (50th) Modesty, Unassuming, Humble
Blue Violet (50th) Watchfulness, Faithfulness, I'll Always Be True
Violet Ivy Knots
Violet Sweet Modesty
Water Lily Purity of heart
Water Lily (white) Eloquence
Zinnia (magenta) Lasting affection
Zinnia (scarlet) Constancy
Zinnia (yellow) Daily remembrance