How to Present Your Gift Tips

present jewelry gift

You spent time and money to select a gorgeous gift, so present your romantic gift as if you were giving your wife the Crown Jewels of England. Make your husband feel like King 'o the Castle. No matter what you do, add a love letter or note—that alone will elevate your gift value 1000X+!

Present Gift Tips

  • Elegantly present your gift on a special tray or charger after dinner. Place a lace handkerchief, embroidered napkin or sprinkle a few flower petals around.
  • Arrange several gifts on your bed, such as a bouquet of flowers or strew flower petals, a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, sexy lingerie, a love letter, a jewelry gift.
  • If you're at a restaurant, arrange with the head waiter or manager to present your gift at the beginning or end of your meal. If you have several gifts, maybe arrange for one to be delivered with each course, saving the best for last, of course!
  • If you have travel, concert or sporting event tickets, build up to them with each course. Buy small, related gifts that lead up to the event, for example, buy a CD or poster of the band you're seeing. For a tropical cruise, buy a toy boat or Hawaiian leis to wear at get the idea.
  • Nestle a gift box in the middle of a bouquet of flowers. Slip a ring or bracelet onto a single, exquisite flower bloom.
  • Play some romantic background music and read your love letter or poem before you present your gift.
  • Create a scavenger hunt. The list of clues could lead to your bedroom (place your gift on a satiny or silky throw and scatter flower petals) or lead to a favorite restaurant or a romantic getaway where you make your presentation. Leave a small, romantic gift at each location and save the best for last.
  • For a small gift, buy a music box and line it with a small piece of satin, embossed silk, velvet or flower petals. Place the gift in the box & wind it up so it plays when when it's opened.
  • Is it a sexy gift? Guys, do a "full Monty" and ladies, a strip-tease to present your gift.

Giving A Special Jewelry Gift?

Create a unique presentation with:

Keepsake Box By Anniversary Year

A brief guide to help you select a keepsake or jewelry box for a specific anniversary year. For the 25th and 50th: select a box with silver or gold trim. For the 40th, choose a burgundy color box.
– Porcelain (ceramic) boxes are appropriate for the 2nd and 20th anniversaries
– Wood is for the 5th and 6th anniversaries
– Crystal or glass is for the 3rd and 15th anniversaries
– Leather is for the 3rd
– Copper is for the 7th anniversary
– Pottery for the 9th
– Silver is for the 25th
– Ruby for the 40th
– Gold is for the 50th anniversary

Bask in the adoration sent your way when you not only buy the perfect anniversary jewelry gift, but your sweetheart feels like a king or queen when you present your gift.

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