How To Insert A Love Letter Background in Microsoft Word

You may prefer to type your love letter rather than use your own handwriting or burn it on a CD with your favorite photos and love songs. Or you may want to add your own message to an anniversary card before you print it out. Here's how to easily do this with Microsoft Word (screen shots are from Mac version of Word):

Download the love letter background or card and save it to your computer. Launch Microsoft Word and open a new blank document.

insert image

From the menu, select Insert > Picture > From File and navigate to the file location on your computer. Click on the image to make the image larger or smaller (with the square handles) if you want.

palette image

When you click the image, a palette should pop up, click on "format picture." If not, click the image so the handles appear and select from the menu, Format > Picture.

format image

A Format Picture window should appear. Click on "Layout," select "Behind Text," "Center," then click on "OK".

Click above the image and hit the return key several times until you are down far enough in the background. Adjust your left and right margins so your letter fits inside the background. Choose a typeface, point size and begin typing your love letter.

If the image moves when you hit the return key, you can click on it, hold mouse button down and reposition the image to wherever you want.

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