Sweet Romantic Anniversary Ideas

romantic anniversary ideas

A great romantic wedding anniversary idea starts with doing those small things with great love that steadily fill up your love account. Begin with a simple romantic idea that you know your wife, husband or partner will love, build it up in little ways and make a lavish presentation on your anniversary. The best anniversary gift is to give from your heart: a gift that your spouse will always cherish.

These romantic anniversary ideas cost a few dollars or less but they're sure to make your spouse feel like a million bucks! Sprinkle liberally throughout the year. Wives especially want romantic expressions, but your husband also needs to know he is the one that fuels your fire. Let romance become a daily habit—show at least one small loving gesture every day. The more you give, the more fun your relationship will be. Read these heartwarming, true anniversary celebration stories submitted by couples and children who threw parties for their parents.

Romantic Ideas for Each Other

Here are romantic ideas especially for your wife or husband.

  • Give a soothing, 5-minute massage and focus on one area: hands, shoulders or feet—areas that hold a lot of tension.
  • Make Just Because I Love You phone calls. Tell your husband or wife what you especially appreciate about them. No talk about bills, home repairs, problems with the kids, your lower back pain or migraine headache!
  • Don't leave home without giving one: a lingering kiss and sensual hug. Performance time: 10-15 secs. Enjoyment: all day!
  • Always introduce your husband or wife as "this is the one who rocks my world" or with another spectacular introduction.
  • Start a scrapbook where you both jot down romantic ideas, whether its about your anniversary celebration or to record those "just because" moments. Include love and appreciation notes, lipstick kisses, tape your photos or postcards of romantic vacations you took. And when you have the urge to argue, look through your journal first. Here are some create your own timeline resources for DIYers.
  • Print out a love letter background, insert it in Word, type your letter, burn it to a CD with your favorite photos and love songs.
  • Hold hands, just because. Romantic, loving touches go far in maintaining intimacy. How often do you gaze into each other's eyes with a warm, loving smile followed with a sweet kiss?
  • Make a love collage. Cut out images and words from a magazine, use your photos, stories, momentos like concert tickets. Arrange, layer and glue the images on thin cardboard (use a gift box). Measure out and trim the cardboard to a standard frame size (8x10, 11x17, 16x20, 18x24) and frame it. Anyone can create a wonderful work of art using collage—there's no way to go wrong with this.
  • Take walks with frequent hugs and kisses, share a sunset or sunrise. Talk about trips you'd like to make, sports or hobbies you want to do together—all the fun stuff you have or want to have in your relationship. Enjoy silence together and use nonverbal communication to show your affection.
  • Celebrate your anniversary with fun, playful activities. Romantic ideas: go fly a kite, pick berries and bake a pie together, picnic in a park or spend the entire day in bed.
  • Plan a romantic evening at home and have a gourmet meal delivered.
  • Wrap and present your anniversary gift with style.
  • Read a romantic love letter or poem and play soft music in the background. Or burn a love letter, fave photos and music to a CD.
  • Send a series of romantic anniversary cards with love notes of appreciation leading up to your anniversary, one each day for every year you're married. Find postcards to places you've traveled, romantic cards, or make up your own. Get a package of letter size card stock from an office supply store, cut in half or quarters and do drawings, print out your favorite pics of yourselves, or color photocopy on one side. On the flip side, write about a romantic event from each year.
  • Buy a flower, and every morning leading up to your anniversary, place a petal with a candy kiss and a perfumed "(name) loves me" or "(name) loves me not" note next to their coffee. On your anniversary, place a whole flower or bouquet and many kisses with, of course, "You love me. And I love you more than anything!"
  • Take turns each year and plan a surprise event, something they especially want to do.
  • Make up love coupons on perforated business cards purchased at an office supply store and personalize them with your photos. Print a different "love offer" on each card or write in your own. Get a rubber stamp with a romantic image and stamp each one.
  • Help your better half do a chore. Surprise them and show up ready to work wearing something sexy and say, "I couldn't find anything else to wear, I hope you won't be distracted." Put on your favorite music. Guys, this means you too. There's nothing more romantic or sexier to a wife than her scantily clad husband pushing a vacuum cleaner or cleaning out the refrigerator. Throw in your sexiest moves. Might be the start of a fun, new way to clean house!
  • Create an anniversary celebration theme each year and weave your theme into all your plans. Can't take a romantic tropical getaway? Turn you home into paradise and decorate your rooms with a tropical theme, order in a Caribbean or Polynesian feast. Or rent a suite and decorate it with your romantic vacation theme.
  • Make a "just because I love you" cartoon card by hand, use crayons or magic markers. It doesn't matter if you can't draw, use stick figures or computer clip art. Fold a letter size paper in half to make a card. Draw rules to make 4 or 6 panels on the cover to tell a story. Draw a figure representing you with a "talk balloon" and list a different quality that you appreciate about your husband or wife in each panel. Or tell about each event you want to happen on your anniversary. Write your special way of saying "I love you" on the inside.
  • Take out a display ad in your local newspaper. Write a love letter or poem, add your photo. Use a printed ad for a template. The newspaper might help you create one if you can't.

Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Your Wife

  • Read What can I give my wife for an anniversary gift? for more gift ideas.
  • Tips for presenting a romantic gift.
  • Mow "I love you" or a big heart with your initials on your lawn. Or in the winter, build a Mr. and Mrs. Snowman and string an "I love you" banner between them. Anniversary in the fall? Build a chicken wire "heart" on your lawn and fill with colorful autumn leaves. Attach a mylar banner around the wire frame with your love message.
  • Use Christmas snow to spray a love message and hearts on your windows. Good any time of the year. Buy stencils at a crafts store.
  • Customize helium balloons and attach to your car antenna. Get a Happy Anniversary mylar banner, customize it you can and attach to your bumper. Strew flowers and petals in the car. Pretend you just got married again! Spend a night or weekend away.
  • Decorate your bedroom with her favorite flowers, sprinkle petals all around, light scented candles and have massage oil ready. Make a trail of petals leading from your front door to your bedroom. You are appropriately undressed for the occasion when she arrives home, ready to give her a luxurious bath.

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