Romantic Dining Ideas

romantic dining at home

Kick off your evening with romantic dining, whether you dine "home alone" or plan a celebratory night out. Give yourselves a an evening to celebrate your anniversary in a special way. Whether it's simple or extravagant isn't the point. Make the time for a romantic evening together and rekindle your love. And maybe you'll enjoy this so much you'll make the time for romantic dining throughout the year.

If you have a hectic lifestyle, celebrating your anniversary home alone can be a refreshing change of pace. Even if you have plans to go out later, leisurely begin your evening by chilling out first at home. Dining at home can be a quick, romantic relationship picker upper. So turn off your cell phones and answering machines, hide the TV remote and forget the rest of the world for your special evening together.

If you enjoy cooking, prepare as much as possible ahead of time so you only have to heat 'n serve. Find quick and romantic recipes for dining at 101 Cookbooks and Or if you're too busy, have a catered dinner prepared at your home. Personal chefs can be found locally, or you may be able to find a local caterer or aspiring chef who will happily prepare a sumptuous, romantic meal for two. Check with local schools that offer cooking courses or ask your favorite restaurant for a referral. Or find one in this directory of personal chefs throughout the U.S.

Romantic Dining At Home Tips

  • Keep your dining light and delicious—a heavy meal will douse your passion. Feeding each other finger foods is very romantic. You don't want to be so stuffed you fall asleep right after you finish eating!
  • Straighten up your home ahead of time or treat yourself and hire a professional cleaner. Then all you have to do is decorate, which is a lot more fun!
  • Decorate your table with a tussie mussie bouquet and add a lacy tablecloth for a romantic setting.
  • Buy a unique flower vase for your dining table to fill with a fresh bouquet or single bloom whenever you celebrate a romantic night in.
  • Use two elegant place settings, crystal glasses and linen napkins for your special romantic evenings. Buy toasting flutes, unique coctail glasses or personalized beer mugs.
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  • Slip your wine bottle into an elegant wine bottle holder or whimsical wine bottle holder.

Last and most importantly—take the time to wind down from your day and slip into something comfortable before you sit down to dine. Your happy, romantic mood matters more than what is on the table!

Romantic dining at home is a luxurious, sensual, playful time for you to enjoy yourselves—treat yourselves not only for your anniversary, but whenever you need a break from your routine.

  • Create a theme evening—it could be based on a food style, a place you want to travel to, a favorite place you have romantic memories about. Transform a room or your dining area into your fantasy theme. Buy decorations and props and plan a romantic menu around your theme.
  • Go all out and dress the part. Wacky fun is romantic! For example, a Hawaiian theme: slip on a hula skirt, wrap around a colorful scarf for a top, place flowers in your hair. Hubby can wear a colorful Hawaiian shirt, surfer shorts or cutoffs. Hmmm, maybe really, really cutoff.

Romantic Dining Out Ideas

Dine out at your favorite romantic restaurant and add extra touches to heighten the wow factor. Most restaurants will be happy to accommodate your request, as these romantic gestures create inspiring word-of-mouth stories about dining at their venue.

Consult with the manager or maitre d' beforehand and say that you're celebrating your anniversary. Tell them which anniversary year you're celebrating and let them know the theme. Check our anniversary by year section to find ideas for the year you're celebrating. Discuss what you want to do and see if it is doable so you can come up with an alternate if it isn't. Don't assume—you don't want to be disappointed.

  • Write a series of romantic notes to be delivered with each course. If you have a surprise, such as theater or concert tickets, have them delivered with dessert. Buy a keepsake box or music box to present your gift and have it delivered with a single exquisite bloom or small bouquet. For several romantic gifts, have one delivered with each course and save the best for last!
  • If you plan to arrive separately, arrange for a limo to pick up your wife and be waiting at the restaurant entrance with a bouquet of flowers.
  • Surprise her with an elegant, real 24k gold-dipped rose. Or if you're a playful couple, buy the giant paper rose on that page. Imagine her expression as she nears the restaurant and sees that it's you waiting for her with the biggest rose ever!
  • Write your own "romantic menu" insert or a love note, have the waiter slip it in your spouse's menu.
  • If you're sentimental and have several favorite restaurants, plan drinks and appetizers at one place, hop to the next for the main course and finish up at a third for dessert. Go down Memory Lane and relive your love affair.
  • Romantic dining doesn't always have to be at a restaurant. If you love the outdoors, plan a picnic at your favorite park or botanical garden. Pack beautiful tableware and a gourmet-filled picnic basket.
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