Free Printable Sexy Letter "Do Honey" Backgrounds

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Give your love a sexy "do honey" list that they'll fantasize about all day long and be thrilled to do! Download a printable "Do Honey" background and write up a sexy "to-do" fantasy list. This is one list that's guaranteed not to get lost. You know these "labor of love" chores will be eagerly done. Surprise your honey and slip your list in a handbag, wallet, lunch box or briefcase—they'll be smiling all day long and guaranteed to greet you with anticipation.

To download, right click on the image and save it to your computer, then print out on letter size paper at high quality on your color printer.To view and print, download Adobe Reader

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free printable love list

Helpful Love Letter Ideas

Choose a love letter background, insert it in Word, type your letter, burn it to a CD with your favorite photos and love songs.