Love Song Lyrics

Use a romantic song lyric to add to your love letter or card message. It's not always easy to come up with exactly the right words, and lyricists know how to write the perfect, heartfelt words that will bring a smile and make your honey's heart pound faster. So give yourself a break and make it easier for yourself: copy and paste your favorite phrases to create an especially romantic message.

It doesn't take more than changing a few words to create a uniquely romantic message. An idea is to customize a line or two of a lyric with a name, a place or something special that's unique to you and your love. Check out any genre, you might find the perfect love phrases even if you don't like a particular style of music.

30s-40s-50s Love Song "Standards"

Exactly Like You
I'm In The Mood For Love
It Had To Be You
Mr. Wonderful
Young At Heart

Pop Rock Song Lyrics

All For Love
All I Wanna Do
Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

More pop/rock lyrics are coming soon!