Personalized 10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The traditional 10th anniversary gift is tin or aluminum, the modern is diamond jewelry, the gemstone is diamonds and the flower is a daffodil.

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Top Ten Anniversary Lists

The 10th anniversary is perfect for a "top ten" list. Create a romantic evening together with that as a theme. Write a "Top 10" list and engrave it on a personalized gift. Or write each one on a different slip of paper and place them in a tin or aluminum box. Some list ideas:

  • 10 best qualities you love about your spouse
  • 10 reasons why you love being married to your wife or husband
  • 10 reasons why you love your husband or wife
  • 10 activities you enjoy doing together.
  • 10 dreams to share for the future
  • 10 things that you especially appreciate about your wife or husband