More Unique Gift Ideas

The gift list below highlights gift showcases on our site. We've narrowed down the gifts so you don't have to look through hundreds of them all at once.

art gift

Create a one-of-a-kind personalized art gift from their photo. Pencil sketches, watercolors and oil paintings with many customization options in traditional and modern art styles.

Please Help Those Less Fortunate

Please set aside part of your Christmas gift budget to make a charitable contribution or directly help someone you know in need.

  • Purchase grocery gift cards to help out family, friends or neighbors who have been laid off from their job.
  • Become a Secret Santa and purchase toys for needy children—check with your local post office to see if they have a Secret Santa program.
  • Many grocery stores and churches have a food bank bin. Purchase a few non-perishable items each time you shop for groceries.
  • Volunteer at a senior folks home or children's hospital.
  • Do you have an elderly neighbor who can't get around as they used to? Offer to do some chores, grocery shopping or prepare a few one-dish meals. Put portions in separate containers that will be easy for them to reheat.

There are so many ways to spread joy, love and blessings to those who need a friendly, helping hand!

SweetLoveGifts Custom Anniversary and Romantic Gifts

Custom anniversary gifts and party decorations with elegant to whimsical themes.

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