Mother's Day: What Does Mom Really Want?

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Moms are women first! Being a mother is only one of her many roles and as this her first priority, she might not have the time to be all the woman she truly is. While Mom is undoubtedly proud of her contributions to her family, she probably doesn't have enough time and energy to pamper herself.

She looks in the mirror & sighs—wishing she had just ten more minutes to style her hair or apply makeup, take a half hour to soak in a nice bath. She looks at her clothes and needs something pretty. Or wants to take a yoga or workout class to soothe her spirit. Or heck, a night on the town with her gal pals, just like old times.

She puts this thought aside for the 1,001st time, moves on to do the laundry, wash the dishes, go grocery shopping, prepare meals, pick up the kids at school, drive them to sports practices or music lessons, or as usual, juggles an outside job as well as her Mom job.

Mom's the heart and soul of a family, whether she's married or a single mom. But she's a woman first, so on Mothers Day, why not show her that you honor all that she is? Just imagine how her eyes will light up and how fabulous you'll make her feel when she knows her family cares about a side of her that she neglected so she could care for you.

Give Mom a letter of appreciation or make up a Top 10 list.
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Mother's Day Gifts From Children

  • Chip in to buy a gift certificate to a spa, make a homemade banner, "We Love Our Fabulous Mom!" and hang on the wall by the dinner table. Of course, make her a homemade lunch or dinner. Create a menu with her favorite foods.
  • Pay for a course that she's been yearning to take...Dad's or older kids can babysit those nights, or hire a babysitter to make sure those evenings are free.
  • Buy a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store...with strict orders that she can only buy something for herself
  • Make up personal chore coupons to give Mom a helping hand and has the time for something she enjoys or just "quiet" time.
  • Give a gift that keeps on giving! Take over one of her chore or offer to help out...then commit to it!
  • Create a "Kids Make Dinner" night. Plan the menu, cook (or microwave it)...and yes...clean up afterwards.
  • Make a Top 10 list on what you appreciate about your Mom.
  • Make a handmade sign with "I Love My Mom," "Coolest Mom Ever!" or other short sentiment. Attach it to a stick of wood, put it on a tree in your yard, hang it in your apartment window. Let the world know how much you love her.

Give your Mom a Mothers Day gift that shows how much you appreciate and love the total woman she is—and she will be forever grateful.

Give Your Wife A Special Romantic Gift

  • Send her a love letter or poem that tells her how you appreciate her as a woman
  • Give her sexy lingerie...and treat yourselves to a weekend getaway.
  • Give your wife a day at a spa, then take her out to a romantic dinner separate from your family's Mothers Day celebration.
  • Give her a "total makeover" and then have a photographer take glamorous photos. Buy a special frame to prominently display the best one.
  • Give her an especially romantic gift in front of the family so they see how much you appreciate your relationship. Do a special presentation. What about serenading her when you give her a bouquet of flowers? Heck, do a comedy routine if that's more your style!

Show your wife that you love her as a woman and how much you cherish your relationship together!